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Hawkhirst Day 4

A very wet day hiking and biking. The older Scouts cycled around Kielder Water and our younger members walked along part of the very scenic Lakeside Trail and visited the Bird of Prey Centre. At the moment I only have photos from the Bird of Prey centre.

Hawkhirst Day 3

imageFamous last words yesterday – as soon as I posted the update it started to rain and hasn’t stopped since! Every one is dry and well and today’s activities included bouldering, crate stacking, abseiling and the Zip Wire. A selection of pictures are below.

Hawkhirst Day 2

Sunday July 26th

Hopefully I am getting the hang of this internet thingy. Today is Kayaking (sorry no pictures as they went to a different part of the lake) and Sailing (pictures somewhere on this page I hope) day. And yes the weather is drier than in Formby, sunshine this morning and cloudy this afternoon.

Tonight we hope to go on a boat ride and then hike back to site.


Sailing 1Sailing