Annual Meeting 2015

Minutes of the 1st Formby Scout Group

Annual General Meeting 19 June 2015

The meeting was chaired by Nick Greenwood (Group Scout Leader).

Fiona Elliott (Chair) gave a brief welcome to the meeting and thanked the leaders for their time and commitment over the last year.

This was followed by brief presentations from each of the section leaders, outlining the activities that the members had undertaken during the year. Nick informed parents that they had been unable to find a permanent leader for the Beaver section and unless this was resolved then the section may have to close. Fiona and Jeff agreed to help out in the short term and support any new leaders that came forward. Jane Christian volunteered to take on the role (subsequently Pam Thomas also offered to lead the Section).

Jonathon Westcott (Treasurer) provided a summary of the group’s financial position. Over the year, the group had an income of around £23,000. The main sources of which were subs, tax relief, profit from Bonfire Night and sponsorship for the Hawkhirst summer camp. Once capitation fees, insurance, maintenance and the summer camp has been paid, a surplus of approx. £4,000 would remain. Running costs for next year are expected to be around £12,500. Nick proposed an increase of £3 per month to subscriptions from September 2015. This was agreed and parents were asked to modify their standing orders. There was one objection to the sibling discount, but it was agreed that this would remain in place. Nick asked parents to notify him/section leaders if they had any other fundraising ideas.

After explaining the role of the Executive Committee, Nick then called for elections for the Executive positions. Fiona Elliott (Chair), Jonathon Westcott (Treasurer) and Kath Murphy (Secretary) were reappointed as Chair and Secretary.

Nick announced that the group were planning a summer camp in summer 2016. The camp will be open to all members aged at 8 and over. It would cost in the region of £300, as leaders were unlikely to be able to raise as much money by sponsorship as they did this year. Fundraising would be done throughout the year with the aim of reducing costs for those members who participated in the fundraising activities. Other activities planned include a group camp at Linnet Clough in October and the Fire Work Display in November. A social activity for leaders during autumn was also proposed.

Mark Bennett (District Chair) then gave a short speech, thanking leaders for their work over the last year.


As you will probably be aware the First Formby Scout Group is an independent scout group with a history going back to 1908 when a local vicar took a group of boys camping using Baden-Powell’s “Scouting for Boys” as the basis of the camp. In January 1909 the group formerly registered with The Boy Scouts Association. In the 1920’s the Group acquired the current scout hut (a World War 1 Officers’ Mess) and in the 1960’s the back stores and toilets/kitchen block were added. All of this was done without the support of a sponsor (most groups are sponsored and independent groups such as 1st Formby are in a minority throughout the country).
Being independent has many advantages but also carries the responsibility of ensuring that the Group remains financially strong so we can carry on providing scouting for the young people of Formby for generations to come.
When we came to renew the insurance on the hut we were dismayed to discover that the hut had been under-insured for some time and that the re-build cost was estimated to have risen to £260,000 (one of the disadvantages of having a historic building!) and the premium had increased to over £2,500 per annum. This caused the Treasurer and I to review the running costs of the Group and a recommendation to the annual meeting that monthly subscriptions be increased by £3 per member (that is from £12 to £15 for the first member of a family and from £10 to £13 for subsequent members). I appreciate that this is a substantial rise but to put it in context the running cost per month per member is over £10 per month before we allow for maintenance or new equipment).

Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp 2016

Following the success of this year’s summer camp I am delighted to advise you that, subject to there being enough interest, we intend to run another summer camp from July 23rd to July 30th 2016. Currently we expect the camp to be in North Devon at a locally run Scout Camp site. The camp will involve practical skills session (including a re-run of “survival camp”) and more adventure seeking activities such as an introduction to surf boarding.

Before we undertake any detailed planning we need to assess how much interest there would be for this camp so I am now asking for firm commitments to attend; if your child(ren) wish to attend (minimum age 8 on July 23rd 2016) then please return the form below to your child’s section leader.

The estimated cost is £265-280 per member – this covers transport to and from camp, food and all activities. We realise that this is a large sum and consequently we are in the process of opening a Camp account to allow payments in instalments.

We will also nearer the time give an option for the purchase of camp clothing (T-shirts, Hoodies etc) – these proved popular this year but I stress that this is only an option. The camp colours will remain turquoise and blue and it will be perfectly acceptable to wear Hawkhirst kit during the camp (the leaders will be!).

Should your child wish to attend this camp please return the form below together with a deposit of £30 to a leader (or direct to me at 15 Longfield, L37 3LD) by the end of September.

Nick Greenwood
Group Scout Leader
Summer Camp July 2016
…………………………………………………………. is interested in attending Summer camp in July 2015.
A deposit (£30 per child) is attached (cheques payable to First Formby Scout Group)
…………………………………………………………. Parent/Guardian

Hawkhirst Day 7

imageimageimageimageimageimageA busy day today, raft building this morning, archery and low ropes this afternoon.

Despite some initial reluctance the raft builders had great fun and rounded the session off with a dip in the lake. This afternoon our budding William Tells were let loose with bows and arrows and challenged to go round the low ropes course.

Like your child to join Beavers?

Beavers is for girls and boys between 6 and 8 years old. The minimum age for joining is 5 years and 9 months old but you can put they’re name down on the waiting list if they are younger. Please use our Membership Form if you would like your child to join 1st Formby Beavers and we look forward to meeting you all soon.

Hawkhirst Day 5

imageimage image image imageThe sun is shining at long last and peace reigns (at least for me!). After activities this morning (Jacob’s Ladder and climbing) most are off to survival camp with the others building shelters in the woods.

On Jacob’s Ladder we invested two Explorer Scouts.


Hawkhirst Day 4

A very wet day hiking and biking. The older Scouts cycled around Kielder Water and our younger members walked along part of the very scenic Lakeside Trail and visited the Bird of Prey Centre. At the moment I only have photos from the Bird of Prey centre.

Hawkhirst Day 3

imageFamous last words yesterday – as soon as I posted the update it started to rain and hasn’t stopped since! Every one is dry and well and today’s activities included bouldering, crate stacking, abseiling and the Zip Wire. A selection of pictures are below.

Hawkhirst Day 2

Sunday July 26th

Hopefully I am getting the hang of this internet thingy. Today is Kayaking (sorry no pictures as they went to a different part of the lake) and Sailing (pictures somewhere on this page I hope) day. And yes the weather is drier than in Formby, sunshine this morning and cloudy this afternoon.

Tonight we hope to go on a boat ride and then hike back to site.


Sailing 1Sailing