1st Formby Scouts

1st Formby Scouts is the oldest scout group in Formby, and one of the oldest in the world.

Scouts do a wide range of activities. Each section has a balanced programme with activities, badges and awards specific to the age range of its members.

Group sections:

1st Formby has active sections of , , , .

The History of 1st Formby Scouts

  • AUTUMN, 1908: Rev J.B. Richardson and choir member Tom Tyrer began the troop.
  • JAN 24, 1909: The 1st Formby troop is registered with the Scout Association. They met at the back of Birstwistle shop (now Hippos fish and chip shop) in Church Road.
  • 1912: The troop acquired instruments for a band and sometime during World War One met at the Gild Hall.
  • 1918: The Cubs started.
  • 1919: The troop was present at the commemoration of the 1914-18 war memorial.
  • 1920: The troop acquired a mess hut from Altcar army camp and placed it on land owned by Holy Trinity Church and sold to the troop for £1.
  • 1937 – A trek cart was purchased in Garston on the far side of liverpool and pushed and pulled to Formby by Scouts
  • WORLD WAR TWO: The Home Guard took over the Scout hut as their HQ and the Scouts had to make do with a couple of sheds in the grounds to meet and store their equipment.
  • A fire destroyed one of the sheds housing the equipment including the trek cart A new one was acquired in 1949 and is still in use today. During the rest of the war, the troop met in a Nissen hut at the end of Paradise Lane
  • 1954: Stan Howarth and Brian Burgess were selected to represent south west Lancashire at the jamboree near Paris.
  • 1959: 1st Formby’s 50th anniversary with Scout leader Ken Whitehead and cub leaders Ada Whitehead and Priscilla Lucas leading large units.
  • 1960S: Addition of a bricked section housing a kitchen and toilets.
  • LATE ‘60S: Ray Barnes took on the position of Scout leader and Richard Sherman, the senior Scout leader. The troop grew and was twinned with a group in Hagen, West Germany, and held a camp over there in 1974.
  • The baby boom in Formby in the late ‘60s resulted in the introduction of two cub packs and two Scout groups.
  • 1972: The parents’ committee acquired a Wimpey-style site hut which was added to the far end of the Scout hut.
  • 2009: Celebrated the first 100 years of 1st Formby scouts.

Source: www.southportvisiter