Hawkhirst Day 4


Another wet day! Today was hike and bike day with the older scouts riding all the way around Kielder Water (well over 26 mile) and our younger members hiking along the Lakeside Trail to Leaplish Bird of Prey Centre. I have no pictures of the bikers but here some of the hikers at the Bird of Prey Centre.

Hawkhirst Day 6

Friday July 31st

“The end is nigh” but game to the end our young people are busy enjoying the activities here at Hawkhirst.

This morning they built and raced rafts on Kielde Water. Despite some early reluctance from a few great fun was had and the morning ended with a dip in the lake.

This afternoon it is low ropes and archery and this evening we will have our awards ceremony.

A selection of pictures below:image

Busy Term….

This term we have had a very busy time with various activities including the following:

Shiverpool Ghost walk – A scary haunted history tour of Liverpool – a bit scary but fun…

Climbing hanger – An evening of climbing the bouldering walls at this excellent venue

District day out – A coach trip to Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry

Bonfire Party –  We had a group bonfire party at our hut with a few fireworks and a big fire!

Camp – Skills camp at Tawd vale, learning some traditional skills

And coming up we have a night hike and Christmas party…


As part of the Community Impact badge 1st Formby have adopted an area of woodland at Ainsdale nature reserve. We have spent 2 sessions clearing the silver birch and brambles from around the small pine trees. It was hard work but we all enjoyed it and the site looked much better.  We still have more to clear and then replant where some of the pine saplings have not survived.


As you will probably be aware the First Formby Scout Group is an independent scout group with a history going back to 1908 when a local vicar took a group of boys camping using Baden-Powell’s “Scouting for Boys” as the basis of the camp. In January 1909 the group formerly registered with The Boy Scouts Association. In the 1920’s the Group acquired the current scout hut (a World War 1 Officers’ Mess) and in the 1960’s the back stores and toilets/kitchen block were added. All of this was done without the support of a sponsor (most groups are sponsored and independent groups such as 1st Formby are in a minority throughout the country).
Being independent has many advantages but also carries the responsibility of ensuring that the Group remains financially strong so we can carry on providing scouting for the young people of Formby for generations to come.
When we came to renew the insurance on the hut we were dismayed to discover that the hut had been under-insured for some time and that the re-build cost was estimated to have risen to £260,000 (one of the disadvantages of having a historic building!) and the premium had increased to over £2,500 per annum. This caused the Treasurer and I to review the running costs of the Group and a recommendation to the annual meeting that monthly subscriptions be increased by £3 per member (that is from £12 to £15 for the first member of a family and from £10 to £13 for subsequent members). I appreciate that this is a substantial rise but to put it in context the running cost per month per member is over £10 per month before we allow for maintenance or new equipment).

Cub Programme Sep -Dec 2018


8 Hut tidy10 What we did over summer and games

14-16 Camp

17 Open Eve, fires, tents, whittling

22 Viking Day

24 Home safety badge / 1st Aid

29 1st Aid Course


8 Climbing hanger

13 District day out to MOSI

15 move to Wed 17 6.30 Ghost walk

22 Half term

29 Halloween Party

5 Make a Guy Fawkes and fire

11 Remembrance Service at church
12 Chef, safety, hygiene, rules of kitchen, safe use of knives

19 Chef Menu planning, ingredient list use internet

26 Cooking Invite parents to taste

1 Night hike and sleepover

3 Christmas craft

10 Christmas craft